DUST: Our Program

Involving teachers from Portsmouth Public Schools (VA) in a climate change learning community engaged in a year-long study of dust.

Terra: MODIS Imagery of China

This natural-color image from the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) on NASA's Terra satellite shows the dust storm on Saturday, March 20, 2010. The sand and dust were swept thousands of kilometers south and east from the arid terrain of Inner Mongolia.

Saharan Dust

Animation of GOES/Meteosat imagery of Saharan dust/dry air (split window IR technique). The plot evidences regions of mid-level dry air AND dust over land: this tecnique tracks dry and or dusty air in the low to mid-levels of the atmosphere.

Images from Meteosat-9

An animation of daytime Meteosat-9 "true color" image composites shows the hazy appearance of the large Saharan dust plume.

SeaWiFS Imagery of Dust Storm

SeaWiFS animation showing development of North African dust storm.


This project is supported by NASA Innovations in Climate Education (NICE)


Two summer professional development workshops - June 2012 & June 2013


How to effectively teach global climate change concepts


Increase your knowledge of and your ability to use NASA and other resources


Activities include: webinars; climate tutorials; social networking; and a NASA EDGE vodcast on dust

Teacher Projects 2012-2013:


These learning team projects are teacher-developed web quests that explore a science concept related to dust. We encourage you to explore the web quests and use them in the classroom.


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NASA Edge Vodcast:



The NASA Edge Vodcast is available for download and viewing!

Featuring The DUST Project:
- Paul Adams
- Chip Trepte
- Rich Ferrare
- Olga Kalashnikova
- Paul Jones


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African Dust Workshop website: aerosols.hamptonu.edu

Lessons posted at My NASA Data: mynasadata.larc.nasa.gov

GLOBE website:



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